Oh Fuck! Maybe the best headphone album of all time, DSOM is savage but this champion can go toe-to-toe with anything and everything. This pressing is a bit noisy but it almost aids the pastiche. Too sick to Describe any further, we may be living in 3030 right now, I’m not sure.

just get it and listen start to finish, in the best headphones you got.  3030.



I forgot how weird this shit is, if you stop to think about it.  It s a weird mix of fuckers to begin with musically and then on top of that they weren’t  even at their peak in my opinion.


I don’t really know much about the critical dissection of R.E.M and for the massive success we know shockingly little. I never hear people really even mention them  today but they were fucking huge. Go look at the Warner brothers deal. shinny happy rich people.


It reminds me so vividly of when I graduated  a small liberal arts school in 1990 and I had a tape of this in  HEAVY rotation in my Cabriolet. I had the world in front of me,just before my first wife left me.  Just before I spent the better part of 5 years supporting myself on hashish,  Heineken and ever-fading hope while I shopped my novel to any publishing house to take my call.  its the end of the world as i knew it, and hell if i didn’t  feel fine. Dan Cortez was selling BK and having it his way. R.E.M  was blaring from Georgia to Gorky park.


That never actually happened…. well at least not to me but it did happen to somebody and i just relived their life for a minute……

……crazy thoughts arrive when you put on a  headband and listen to this intriguing document of the times.




blue album

blue album


I almost didn’t write this because we all know what we have here, but the journey called for it in the end.

I taped a copy of the MOFI Pressing to a TDK 90.

Some may ask why one would take a great pressing and dump it on a late 90’s TDK.


the answer:

Because I wanted to play it on the go, and get my wheels greased up to enter the new year. I made this thing a ways back and tossed it in the bag, in case I needed it down the road.


Today I needed it.

The sequence was as follows:

Coasted into Southern Concord on fumes, just flickin’ around the dial not knowing which direction to head.

I was able to take some refuge in a bunker and collect my thoughts with come cold water extraction that really took me back. Back to the good old days when a little puff of the bubble bag would take you wherever you wanted to go.   A block or a mile, the trip was entirely up to you.

{Shout out to Black Bart Farms-

True keepers of the flame; Careful stewards of  the jewels with which we previously adorned our spirits.}


Maybe this had me looking for some type of something I was unaware of but whatever the reason. The blue album dub copy went in.


It’s a classic so I won’t bore you with the details , everyone has a personal relationship with it, and I think it’s best left that way.


I will, however say this. I am struck by the fact it resonates with the 34 year old me as authentically as it did with the 12 year old me,  perhaps for different reasons, perhaps not. That’s its greatness to me. Plus, it has a few of the best Beach Boys songs ever written on it.


Wild Tales


Grabbed this thinking I could really use to calm down….

….for both the evening and for the year. I was getting pretty close to full Brian Wilson which explains my absence over the month.

I was floating on a pretty deep pool of Sour Jilly and I vaguely remembered this being  something that could wind me down while educating me all the while.

I blacked the place out and laid down on a table.

I dig it, Graham doing his own thing for the most part, there’s a cool Band influence and also Neil’s work at the time must have been present  on the minds of the scene.

It’s a cool trip, almost a country side spring trek, so be prepared to learn  and make sure you don’t  trust everything you think automatically.

It’s  the dust off  tire of an old truck rambling a farm access road.

It’s a lush English field shimmering in the twilight.

It’s also a jig for the traveler who  floats through life framing their own memories  in their head with a cinematic quality.  Moving scene to scene directing from a pastiche of places and people.

I ran this thing on autopilot as I locked into a third state

Set sail close to evening’s end when your mind can be still and you can break through a little bit.

Graham left some wax in the heaphones, and then he smoked it.







The Progressive Blues Experiment

blues experimentThis is a trip. The Debut from Johnny Winter. There is some weird panning going on and some crazy reverb panning and it all rotates and shifts. Trippy but down home as all hell too. Elmore James tone on the dobro.

Apparently recorded in a venue but no crowd sound. Odd but sick