Wish You Were Here



The days are getting just a touch shorter, it’s not too appreciable yet if you don’t stop and focus on it, but it’s coming and it may have been a factor in my slightly reflective mood.

It had been some time since I had wrestled with this one. In fact, I couldn’t remember the last time I experienced it as an album, in other words, as it was intended. I hear the singles all the time by virtue of merely existing in the west,  but I hadn’t given it a front to back listen in probably five to ten years.

Dropping the needle on side A  was an instant reminder of why this headphone classic has such a deserved rank as an all time great.   Mr. Gilmour’s tone , which can be described most essentially as lush,  laid over a creeping organ bed, is  at once ehtereal  and captivating, in a dusky hash binge kind of sense.

Laying on my back on the floor, I can sort of levitate since the ground is hard enough.  Rick Wright’s Volume Swell Organ lead after the First solo is so Fucking Regal! It is mind blowing.

Then a whisper in the ear; “remember when you were young….”

No point in using words to try to describe this opus too intimately or too linearly because its all laid out for us on the tape.  It was, however, important  to slip into the full album version to be reminded of just what kind of genius is lurking here. I feel like I have gotten the truncated version too often and  miss out on the real greatness.

Same can be said as I am welcomed to the Machine. It has never been a favorite of mine  when comparing it to the rest of the cannon, but I am now realizing this status is a direct result of hearing a radio single edit too often.  Context is everything and being in my current state, the sense I was  being lowered, via  freight elevator, to the bowels of industrial hell was real and palpable.

A captive  in this place, I was shown the grounds and  forced to confront my own role in what was being revealed to me. The role we all play in the order of things, is not examined as often as perhaps it should be, probably because it can be ugly. We would rather not look at it, but it’s there and since these gentlemen are pulling back the curtain my attention is fixed upon it.

That door being shut, literally and figuratively,  and being now dumped directly into a soiree  of  decadence I am again taken  with my own vanity. I  let the whispers and promises  of my most narcissistic fantasies mingle, delighting in unassuageable temptation and greed. They can grow exponentially when left unchecked for too long.

but only…

“…..if we all pull together as a team.” Hey, nothing is free, right? We all get caught up some times,  its tough not to. Falsehoods and friendships are as fleeting as success in the modern era so be careful whose siren song you find yourself humming while you day dream.


The Dynamic range of this thing is unreal, and for all it delivers in audio dynamics it backs up with an emotional dynamic of an equally contrasting intensity.

It is easy to get lost on the road, no matter where one is going , or perhaps more accurately no matter where one set out to go. Some times its not quiet enough to dial in the right station unless you focus carefully on tuning out distractions . However,  if you listen intently enough it’s out  there, hone in on it, the message may reveal something you are not expecting.  In this case  it compels us to inventory what we have traded, on all fronts, in every capacity, in every sense. To reflect on the blood, the treasure, the dignity and any other currency in which we may have trafficked  and  reconcile the cost with what we have received therefore.

Collecting the entirety of one’s experience into an existential  and coincident whole is no small task, and yet we do it every day. We all do, we have to. That is essentially what must to be done every so often, to stay this side of madness, if such a place exists. For this evening, in this sense at least, this is the “here” from where it is wished you were.

This one definitely leaves a headphone high.


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