9:14 PM

a live one here, oooh man.

This thing is criminally underrated,  well actually I can’t say that because I don’t  know how it was rated  and that’s because I never hear any body talk about it. All that aside, there is savage blues music here.  You might be afraid at the outset that perhaps the collaboration might lead either artist into a territory where they’re not their best, but god dam it these dude are fukin groovin.

There is power on display here, no faking it. I know nothing about this session or the origin of this album though you do notice it combines studio and live cuts. I’m just taking it as it comes and it’s got me good bro.

It’s on MGM and some times there are sleepers lurking on these sprawling  labels that are dope and this is one of them. I feel like  johnny Bristol and maybe roy orbison are also on MGM  at times, so there is some good shit going on over there you just gotta pick at it here and there from time to time.

Side two Jams you hard from the beginning, the guitars are lively stabbing knives that morph into smooth waves of fuzz when this phased wah starts pumping. But It’s the chorus  on this grinder (Soledad) that’s super guttural and grabs you.

It’s well recorded  for damn sure.

It says

“Produced for Far Out Productions, Inc.
Recorded at Wally Heider’s and MGM studios in Hollywood, California through July 1971
Track A5 recorded on location.”

It Sounds titties!  well done gentlemen.

Killer Players on this thing.  Including lee oscar  jammin some harp.

sit down with this one and  lean back for a minute, they cover a nice swath and  the Gospel touches leave me with  a real floaty headphone high.





For whatever it’s worth it was this pressing I listened to:

Matrix / Runout: SE-4791 MGS-2668

Matrix / Runout: SE-4791 MGS-2669-Re 1




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