Wild Tales


Grabbed this thinking I could really use to calm down….

….for both the evening and for the year. I was getting pretty close to full Brian Wilson which explains my absence over the month.

I was floating on a pretty deep pool of Sour Jilly and I vaguely remembered this being  something that could wind me down while educating me all the while.

I blacked the place out and laid down on a table.

I dig it, Graham doing his own thing for the most part, there’s a cool Band influence and also Neil’s work at the time must have been present  on the minds of the scene.

It’s a cool trip, almost a country side spring trek, so be prepared to learn  and make sure you don’t  trust everything you think automatically.

It’s  the dust off  tire of an old truck rambling a farm access road.

It’s a lush English field shimmering in the twilight.

It’s also a jig for the traveler who  floats through life framing their own memories  in their head with a cinematic quality.  Moving scene to scene directing from a pastiche of places and people.

I ran this thing on autopilot as I locked into a third state

Set sail close to evening’s end when your mind can be still and you can break through a little bit.

Graham left some wax in the heaphones, and then he smoked it.







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