blue album

blue album


I almost didn’t write this because we all know what we have here, but the journey called for it in the end.

I taped a copy of the MOFI Pressing to a TDK 90.

Some may ask why one would take a great pressing and dump it on a late 90’s TDK.


the answer:

Because I wanted to play it on the go, and get my wheels greased up to enter the new year. I made this thing a ways back and tossed it in the bag, in case I needed it down the road.


Today I needed it.

The sequence was as follows:

Coasted into Southern Concord on fumes, just flickin’ around the dial not knowing which direction to head.

I was able to take some refuge in a bunker and collect my thoughts with come cold water extraction that really took me back. Back to the good old days when a little puff of the bubble bag would take you wherever you wanted to go.   A block or a mile, the trip was entirely up to you.

{Shout out to Black Bart Farms-

True keepers of the flame; Careful stewards of  the jewels with which we previously adorned our spirits.}


Maybe this had me looking for some type of something I was unaware of but whatever the reason. The blue album dub copy went in.


It’s a classic so I won’t bore you with the details , everyone has a personal relationship with it, and I think it’s best left that way.


I will, however say this. I am struck by the fact it resonates with the 34 year old me as authentically as it did with the 12 year old me,  perhaps for different reasons, perhaps not. That’s its greatness to me. Plus, it has a few of the best Beach Boys songs ever written on it.


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