I forgot how weird this shit is, if you stop to think about it.  It s a weird mix of fuckers to begin with musically and then on top of that they weren’t  even at their peak in my opinion.


I don’t really know much about the critical dissection of R.E.M and for the massive success we know shockingly little. I never hear people really even mention them  today but they were fucking huge. Go look at the Warner brothers deal. shinny happy rich people.


It reminds me so vividly of when I graduated  a small liberal arts school in 1990 and I had a tape of this in  HEAVY rotation in my Cabriolet. I had the world in front of me,just before my first wife left me.  Just before I spent the better part of 5 years supporting myself on hashish,  Heineken and ever-fading hope while I shopped my novel to any publishing house to take my call.  its the end of the world as i knew it, and hell if i didn’t  feel fine. Dan Cortez was selling BK and having it his way. R.E.M  was blaring from Georgia to Gorky park.


That never actually happened…. well at least not to me but it did happen to somebody and i just relived their life for a minute……

……crazy thoughts arrive when you put on a  headband and listen to this intriguing document of the times.




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